Monday, March 22, 2010

Antiques in the Garden. . .

presented 3/20/2010 at Terra Cotta Outdoor Market, Troy AL

Have you ever considered incorporating antique treasures in your garden? Repurposing and recycling your antique treasures develops a "green" garden while imparting a rustic charm. All it requires is a little bit of imagination and creativity, and the ordinary can become full of character and history.
Vintage garden statues are easily and artistically incorporated into your landscape; vintage settees, urns, fountains and sculptures are easily obtained from antique shops, relatives, or friends who don't see their potential. However, vintage garden statues and furniture are not the only items that can be used in the garden. A salvaged gate, porch support, or antique bed frame can be leaned against a wall or secured with posts, providing an unusual trellis for ivy or flowering vines.
A vintage teacart, wagon, or wheelbarrow can be filled with plants and literally wheeled to different areas of the garden as needed. Small grates or portions of an old trellis can be used as decorative accents on walls or as trivets for pots.
Ideas for flower pots are endless; an old bottomless chair can be used to elevate a pot, providing a place for the plant to grow and trail down. Old wash pots, wooden buckets, teapots with missing lids, tea cups and even a silver ice bucket can be turned into an unusual flower pot. Memory Pots, composed of broken china, glass, buttons, and other small memorabilia, make a different type of vase or pot. This artistic vase begins with an old vase or pot covered with plaster of paris then the broken china and other objects are attached.

Antique door knobs, salvaged from old houses, can be used along the tops of fence posts, adding an inspired touch to a mundane structure. Old bricks and tiles can be used for walkways--recycling rather than buying new.
Bottle trees can be purchased pre-formed, or simple rebar hammered, at different angles, into the ground near a shrub can make an appealing bottle tree shrub. This will allow you to incorporate your bottle collection in your garden, thus creating a colorful, almost prismatic, adornment.

Old chandeliers can also be repurposed into garden ornaments. Remove the wiring, paint the chandelier and hand in your favorite tree. It is ready for tea lights!

A vintage birdbath can easily be changed into a candle holder--just add sand or small pebbles to the birdbath and add your candles.
There are so many ideas and I have touched only on a few. Think about what you have and how you can use it. Take the simple and transform it into the unusual. Use your imagination and the ideas are endless, and the possibilities are confined by what you want to accomplish.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Terra Cotta Open House

a sneak peak into "Antiques in the Garden"
The vintage planter has been transformed into an unusual centerpiece/candleholder.
Creeping phlox surrounds the wine glass.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mixing it up. . .

from primitives to Victorian. . .new merchandise at the antique shop!

Upstairs at the shop we now have primitives ranging from a twig plant stand, baskets of yarn, cast iron fireplace frame. . .

spool shelf with wonderful chippy paint, antique ice saw, old baseball gloves. . .
Victorian chair, floor lamp, telephone table complete with vintage phone. . .
Lu-Ray tea pot, gravy boat, platters, and plates. . .
beautiful rattan screen. . .
beautiful bookcase/china cabinet. . .

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Taste of Pike County. . .

March 4 Troy Antiques joined many other Pike County businesses at the Cattleman's Complex for the 2010 Taste of Pike County, sponsored by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.
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